Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dementia IS Contagious, and a lesson in bad manners.

Good God, man. I am demented. Scatter-brained. Idiot!
You would not believe the lengths I have gone to organize my Office, my own mounting piles of papers, unfinished text, stories, jibber-jabbering, bills, artwork, and of course, Daddy's things. I got an entire file system JUST for his bills, legal matters, etc....YET...today, as I am trying to get out the door, the phone rings and...the caller ID says it's the U.S. Government. You don't even want to know what went through my head when I saw that, but I assumed it was the VA or something related.
It was.
A very to-the-point guy said exactly this after I said, "Hello?"...
"Yes, I'm calling...(pause)...about an application for a Veteran's headstone for a Mr. Roy Frie and I need a copy of his Marine discharge papers...(pause)...and you can fax that to...(then he gave me the number)...and you can put that 'attention to' Larry".
And then he hung up.
I didn't get to say anything but hello.
Did the guy think I was an answering machine? He didn't wait for the "beep" if he did...but if he realized I was a person...uh...is that what we've all come to...?...that you state your reason for the call in a run-on sentence and then hang up? If I called the phone company, waited that inevitable half hour to get a real person (who is probably in India) and said, "Yes, this Jane Smith, account number 2121...and I've called because your service stinks and you overcharged me fifteen dollars...credit my bill right now and tell your CEO that I demand that customers be dealt with in a timely manner" Click.
I am so tempted to try that now...would it work, would someone call me back and tell me a thing or two about manners, or would my bill then be charged an EXTRA fifteen dollars?
ANYway...this put me into a panic because I could not, for the life of me, for almost a half hour, find ANYthing related to my Dad's discharge papers....in all my micro-managed organization.
I finally threw myself into my desk chair at the computer and placed my getting-hot-and-red face into my hands...and then it hit me...I remembered...that in order to avoid this VERY thing happening...I had so lovingly placed his discharge papers into my swanky leather bound folder when I traveled to Roswell for the almost-missed burial.

I am a genius.

A half hour LATER!

So then I faxed the paper to this Larry, etiquette master extraordinaire. Too bad he doesn't teach a class...I would sooooo sign up...imagine the things I would learn!

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